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We get a lot of questions about our products at Douglas Wood Large Tree Services. We’ve gathered the most common questions and answers below to help you find the information you need fast. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, feel free to call us today to talk to a member of our team.

Q: What variety of tree is most salt resistant?

The Colorado blue or green spruce is most tolerant to salt spray.

Q: How close to a structure can a tree be planted?

Depending on the planting position, we require approximately 10-12'

Q: What is the best time of year to plant or relocate a tree?

The best time of year to plant or relocate a tree is early spring before the leaves come out, or fall when the trees are dormant. If you are purchasing a new tree from us we keep the ones in our nursery root pruned which enables most varieties to be planted at any time of the year.

Q: How much access is required at the planting location?

The truck is a similar size to a concrete truck which is approximately 12' wide. It is also necessary to take ground conditions, grade and overhead obstacles into consideration.

Q: What is the process?

In most cases, a site consultation is necessary to discuss the customer needs. This is a free service and gives the customer a chance to ask questions and explain what they are trying to achieve. It could be to block out a neighbour, provide shade or just to add a feature tree to the property. At the visit we will be able to determine soil conditions, truck access and help with a tree selection. The customer may like to come to the tree farm to choose their own tree/trees.

After the trees have been chosen, the underground utilities will be located and planting can begin. The treespade first digs a receiving hole and takes this plug of soil to the tree farm to drop and picks up the selected tree. The tree is carefully tied to prevent damage and tarped to prevent the leaves from drying out in transport. The tree is placed into the hole and is soiled in using a topsoil slurry mixture to eliminate air pockets near the root ball. The tree will be mulched with 4-6” of mulch. The customer will be left instructions for maintenance.

Q: How often is it necessary to water?

It is recommended that the newly planted trees be watered once a week with approximately 50-100 gallons of water once weekly. This is done by placing a hose on a slow trickle for one hour per tree. This should be done from June to mid-September.

Q: Are the trees guaranteed?

Yes, all trees have a one year warranty. We will provide a two year warranty if we provide a maintenance program.

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